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Welcome! So glad to have you in this free challenge. Each day, I’ll be publishing one super short video and prescribing you ONE actionable step to take to grow your blog.

Here’s the thing: too many travel bloggers don’t understand the business side of blogging, and end up failing because of it.

Sounds scary, I know. But it’s actually a good thing. Running your blog like a business gives you the chance to be profitable. And while it does take hard work, you don’t need to be clocking 12-hour days to make this happen. The choice isn’t between profits and time freedom. It’s between whether you’re ready to make a change and see real progress, or continue where you’re at.

The program is designed to help you make small, actionable changes.  Just a little bit of time each day for big results.

Here’s how it works:

1. Each day from September 10-21 I’ll be publishing a 10-minutes-or-less video that teaches an important blogging tactic. Watch and learn!

2. Each video will end with a call-to-action meant to help you grow your blog and create a workflow that you actually enjoy. Implementation of these actions is key.

3. When you’re done, head on over to @jessieonajourney on Instagram to join in on the day’s blogging tactic discussion. No worries if you’re joining in late. Simply comment on my latest photo to chime in.

Those who comment daily will be eligible to win a free one-year subscription to Travel Blog Prosperity, launching October 1st (full details here). 

I’ll be picking 1 lucky winner by September 22, just in time to score the awesome early-bird freebies that end on that day!

Now pour a cup of tea and grab a notebook and pen. It’s time to make *real* blogging progress a reality!




Day 1: A Simple Mission Statement Formula

Time: 2:53


Day 2: Fill A Gap

Time: 3:04


Day 3: Profile Your Audience

Time: 7:03


Day 4: Ease The Pain (For Great Content)

Time: 4:26


Day 5: Where ya peeps at?

Time: 9:58

Click here to download the Perfect Your Pinterest Game Checklist


Day 6: The *Journey* To Sharable Content

Time: 8:18

Click here to download a sample Blog Post Creation Checklist


Day 7: Work Work Work (With Others)

Time: 9:33


Day 8: The Key To Creating (& Monetizing) Products

On Your Blog

Time: 7:38


Day 9: The Power Of A Content Series

Time: 5:53

Sample collaboration post witin a content series


Day 10: Nurturing Your Email List

Time: 5:42


Day 11: Becoming An Influencer

Time: 8:08

Link to my media kit /


Day 12: Silence (Of The Mind) Is Golden

Time: 7:17

Click here to download your Monthly Planning Worksheet


Bonus: Finishing Strong!

Time: 3:12

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