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Tastes of Ghana: Typical Ghanian Foods

After spending a month in Ghana, I got to try a lot of the local fare that the region had to offer:
ghana food

Abru Ne Nkatea- popcorn kernels and nuts simmered with sugar

ghana food

Banku and Tilapia- banku is made from maize and has a very gummy feel (no need to chew!); the fish is eaten by pulling back the skin and removing chunks of meat from inside (make sure to pick out the bones!)

ghana food

Foo Foo with Chicken in Ground Nut Soup- like banku, foo foo has a gummy feel and does not need to be chewed, however, it is made from caserva instead of maize, leaving it a bit flavorless; brown nut soup was my favorite Ghanaian food because it was oily and spicy (it’s best with a rice ball!)

ghana food

Roasted Maize- corn on the cob but instead of being salty it has a sweeter, sugary flavor like kettle corn

ghana food

Evo- a fruit that has a mushy inside with a fizzy kick to it like eating candy flavored root-beer

ghana food

Evo- the inside!

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