Bushwick Street Art Instagram Walk

things to do in bushwick

Looking for cool things to do in Bushwick? Book a Bushwick Instagram Walk & German Brewery History Tour and see an offbeat side of Brooklyn, New York.

Fascinating Slovenia: 6 Lessons Learned On A Ljubljana Bike Tour


One of my favorite ways to experience a city is by bike, especially when being guided by a local, seeing the destination through their eyes. While on a bus you view the outside world as if it were a caged […]

Going Back In Time By Bike In Zagreb, Croatia


Book this trip Typically, there usually isn’t a driving force behind my trip booking, aside for my insatiable thirst to discover new places. Croatia, however, was different. Recently breaking up with my boyfriend combined with a number of personal issues […]

A Destination Mindset: Bringing My Love Of Backpacking Home

inca trail

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller Every year, I spend months saving money for backpacking trips abroad and learning about the foreign cultures I’ll be visiting. The farther away from […]