Alpacas, Mistresses And Spanish Guitarists: Strangest Requests Made By Hotel Guests


Alpaca. Image via Krappweis.

Sure, you’ve probably called down to reception for a wake-up call or extra blanket; however, have you ever wondered what some of the more high maintenance hotel guests request? The Gold Coast of Australia is full of five-star hotels, and because guests have to do a bit of extra leg work to reach the destination, hotels need to be prepared to please them no matter how crazy their needs may seem. Lucky for us, Gold Coast Tourism did an anonymous survey of their upscale hotels to learn what some of the craziest requests they have had in the last year were. These included:

  • Purchase alpacas for a Middle Eastern family
  • Sell a guest’s sports car
  • Charter a private jet to fly a polo team to Malaysia
  • Book rooms on different floors to separate wives and mistresses
  • Fill in as the wedding party for a couple renewing their vows
  • Organize a romantic dinner in a remote hinterland location with helicopter ride, personal waiter and Spanish guitarist
  • Grant exclusive access to hotel gyms for high-profile guests
  • Grant exclusive use of hotel executive lounge for a wedding proposal
  • Have hotel staff wear t-shirts spelling out a wedding proposal
  • Put together a day trip to Sydney, Melbourne, Alice Springs and the Great Barrier Reef to be completed on the same day

Of all these outrageous requests, only the last one wasn’t met.

What’s the strangest hotel request you’ve ever made or heard?

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