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Sometimes The Long Way Is The Best Way


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Waiting for something that is worth waiting for certainly takes away the boredom of the actual limbo stage. For instance, if you’re on a plane for hours on end, traveling to a stunning destination that is sure to blow your mind, you can simply focus on that fact and the waiting will seem worth it.

Don’t you agree?

Long haul flights aren’t much fun, but they are a necessary trade-off for stunning destinations which take longer to reach. It’s easy to make a longer flight — or even a shorter one — a bit more bearable by adding in extras, such as staying the night before in an airport hotel, so you’re more rested when you begin your journey. Check what’s available at your departure airport. If you start your travel day in a positive, rested frame of mind, what follows will be easier as a result. Some of the world’s most glittering holiday destinations tend to be further away, and once you’re there, you’ll probably forget the boredom and tiredness that comes with long haul flying. Jetlag is sometimes an issue, but there are ways to minimize the effects. For instance, stay hydrated with water during your flight, get up and walk around as much as possible, do ankle exercises and wear compression stockings if you need to. Try and acclimatize yourself to the time of day when you arrive as quickly as possible. For example, if it’s bedtime when you arrive, go to bed, and if it’s mealtime, eat – the sooner you get your body into the swing of things, the sooner you’ll feel more human and your trip won’t be sub-standard for the first few days while you try and get your head around the time difference. Keep yourself busy during your flight by loading up that iPad with plenty of games, bringing books, watching a film or two, and having plenty of music on hand. Remember your headphones, and simply head into your own world for a few hours. Nobody said that long haul flying would be a piece of cake, but the places you visit at the end of it are certainly more than worth the effort. *Guest post
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