See a Year’s Worth of Travel in One Minute of Video

In order to celebrate their anniversary, Wanderfly has created a collaborative video, titled One Year One Minute, with 500 travelers going to 500 places in non-stop motion. The video literally encompasses one year of travel in one minute of video. Viewers can check out various destinations at different times of the year as the photographs are shown by season.

I asked Christy Lui, a co-founder of Wanderfly, what went into making this video. “Two full days of filming, with about four people, eight hands, helping.  We did each season in two to three takes, except summer, which only took one, and is actually played backwards to create the illusion of photos flying up into the air. The stop motion shows each traveler’s photo in six frames. We took six pictures of each photo being flipped,moved,thrown, etc…”

See the video for yourself:

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