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Travel-Sized Everyday Paraben-Free Makeup Kit


This travel makeup kit features quality paraben-free beauty essentials made for your complexion. It’s also carry-on sized, so you’ll actually finish it.

Products are crafted under EU guidelines, meaning you won’t find the harmful chemicals sadly often found when beauty products are made under US guidelines.

When you purchase your kit, the product colors included will be based on your preferences and complexion. Additionally, they’re made travel sized for a more eco-friendly product you’ll actually finish!

Kit Includes:

  • Radiant Complexion Beauty Balm
  • Creaseless Concealer
  • Creme Lipstick
  • Cheek & Lip Rouge
  • Effortless Eyeliner
  • Extreme Length Mascara

If you’d rather purchase a la carte items than the full kit, you can do so by clicking the “Buy Product” button. From there, you can choose your selection.

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