Photo Gallery and Video: Sunday in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

If visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina, I highly recommend making sure your visit falls on a Sunday. This is when the world-renowned San Telmo market takes place. While you may be thinking “oh wow, a big city with a market,” this one is unlike any I’ve ever seen. It’s massive, with unique goods, rare antiques, beautiful artwork and talented street performers. You could easily spend a whole day browsing and enjoying yourself here.

First of all, be sure to start at the corner of the streets Mexico and Defense. Here you’ll find live music (see video above) and the most delicious Choripan sausages (see below) you’ll ever have. Seriously juicy– it was literally dripping down my face– and loaded with flavor.

From there, you can make your way into the crowd. There’s everything from 15th century Japanese swords to visors with built-in fans to cigarette holders made of pearl. Furthermore, handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, ceramics, and housewares are featured. I especially loved the range of street performers. Musicians, singers, dancers, magicians, puppeteers, mimes, and ventriloquists provided free entertainment for the masses.

Art lovers will especially love the market, as it is full of creative medias of all kinds. Moreover, San Telmo is full of galleries and street art. To see some of the graffiti art of the area — this is really only some, there is a ton in the area– check out the gallery below.

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