Photo Essay: 12 Unedited Super Shots Of Saint Lucia’s West Coast

After spending five days touring the western coast of Saint Lucia, I learned there is much beauty to behold. Mountains, azure waters, hundreds of vibrantly colored plants, palm tress, beaches and, the best part, an array of sunsets that never seem to look alike. The landscape is so breathtaking, you won’t even need your DSLR. For these shots, I used an Olympus Tough TG-320. All shots are unedited.

A sunset in the town of Soufriere

A view of one of The Pitons from Jalousie Plantation Resort

Running down the pier at Calabash Cove

Sulfur springs in the Sulphur Springs Park in Soufriere

The Caribbean Sea looking toward Secret Beach. Taken during tour with ATV Saint Lucia.

Watching the sunset from our villa at Jalousie


Volcanic activity in Soufriere, a town inside an active volcano

Rainforest hiking is plentiful in Saint Lucia

Ominous sunset from Calabash Cove

The town of Soufriere at sunset

One of many brightly hued rainforest flowers

Deep Saint Lucia Sunset from Jalousie Plantation Resort

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