Travel ASMR: A Tingly Visit To The Bag Shop [Video]

In this week’s Travel ASMR video, you’ll be heading to the travel bag shop. You’ve got an adventure-focused trip coming up, and we’ll make sure you’re outfitted with the perfect gear — ASMR style. Our Brooklyn-based store is the only one in the borough that matches you with your own personal travel bag stylist for a customized shopping experience. You can see my own experiences with some of the brands mentioned in my posts “Exploring NYC’s SoHo in Style” and “3 Ways To Explore Seattle In Style.”

Some ASMR triggers used in this video include role playing, personal attention, soft speaking, zippers/zipping and scratching.

This soft spoken / whisper video showcases the actual bags I use on my trips, so along with relaxing you I hope this video helps your own travel packing endeavors.

If you’ve never seen an autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) video before it may be a bit weird at first, as ASMR is a phenomenon not everyone experiences; however, those of us who do know how powerful it can be for stress relief, inducing sleep and relaxation through whisper / soft speaking, gentle touches and tingle-worthy sounds. You can read more about ASMR here, as well as how I use it to relax on the road here.

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Have you been to Bhutan? What was your favorite experience? Please share in the comments below (or provide a link to a whisper video of your own)!

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