July Postcard Giveaway: Nashville

nashville postcard

Photo courtesy of David Mao/Unsplash

Happy Friday to all my favorite road warriors. I’ve decided to start something fun and new for you all: a monthly contest where I send three winners a postcard from the place I’m visiting. The postcards will feature my own photography in the destination, and will have a caption and note written by me to you.

My inspiration for the giveaway project comes from a recent trip down memory lane at my parent’s house. I found a box of old postcards I’d completely forgotten about. Apparently when I was in my teens sending these little guys to everyone we knew was pretty common amongst my friends and I. While the digital age has basically done away with this nostalgic item, replaced by emails and Instagrams, I still think it’s pretty exciting to receive real mail that isn’t a bill or restaurant flyer.

In July, I’ll be traveling to Nashville, Tennessee, with my parents and niece, and then staying a little longer on my own for some solo travel. For this reason, the first go at this new project will be a Nashville postcard giveaway.

The giveaway runs until July 31, 12 noon EST. It’s open to anyone and everyone.

Please enter using the form below. The name and email entered is solely so you can be notified if you win, and will not be sold to other companies or anything spammy like that. In the future I hope to make the entry process a bit more creative, but for now I’m running with the standard entry form. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know below.

Happy trails!




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