Memorial Day Travel: Top Beaches & BBQ Joints

Where are you off to this Memorial Day? I’m willing to bet there’s a good chance it’s to a beach or barbecue. To help travelers enjoy the best Memorial Day celebrations, Foursquare Explore — a resource for helping you to search for popular places and spots that only the locals know about — has created a list of the Top Beaches and Top BBQ Joints around the country. To compile the lists, the company looked at check-ins over the course of last summer (Memorial Day to Labor Day). Are any of these on your itinerary for the coming holiday?

Coney Island Beach

Coney Island Beach

Top Beaches

1. Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk, Brooklyn, NY

2. Venice Beach, Venice, CA

3. North Avenue Beach, Chicago, IL

4. Santa Monica State Beach, Santa Monica, CA

5. Bradford Beach, Milwaukee, WI

6. Clearwater Beach, Clearwater Beach, FL

7. Seaside Heights Boardwalk, Seaside Heights, NJ

8. Rohoboth Beach, Rohoboth Beach, DE

9. Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA

10. Fort Lauderdale Beach, Fort Lauderdale, FL


BBQ Joints

1. Dinosaur Bar-B-Que, New York NY

2. Phil’s BBQ, San Diego CA

3. Hill Country Barbecue Market, New York NY

4. The Salt Lick, Driftwood TX

5. Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ & Catering, Kansas City KS

6. Fette Sau, Brooklyn NY

7. Slows Bar-B-Q, Detroit MI

8. Fox Bros Bar-B-Q, Atlanta GA

9. Stubb’s Bar-B-Q, Austin TX

10. The Pit, Raleigh NC


  1. I’m not going to argue with check ins, but … as a Memphian it’s too bad our barbecue joints aren’t represented here. Maybe we need to just check in more when we eat our cue. And I love New York, but three New York barbecue joints on the list? Boo!!!!!! With all that being said, I’ll be staying in Memphis for Memorial Day with several events going on as I prepare for TBEX in Toronto. Getting excited!

  2. @Lance- Yea, I was surprised by how many were from New York but maybe people in New York use apps more? Ha. It’s basically just the findings of a survey based on their app so I’m definitely sure there are way more amazing BBQ joints out there. What’s your favorite in Memphis? I want to get down there soon!

  3. Oh, I definitely agree that apps are used much more in NYC. And I don’t doubt that they are good restaurants. I take rankings/lists with a grain of salt. It’s like Memphis barbecue: you could ask 10 Memphians what their favorite restaurant is and you’ll hear 10 different places. There are so many here. My favorite is Central Barbecue. Actually, I wrote something on this topic for Jetset Extra last month.

    If you ever make it down here let me know. I’ll make sure you enjoy a fabulous Memphis weekend.

    1. @Lance- I may just take you up on that! I’m a huge foodie and I feel like barbecue in Memphis would be such an experience.

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