MatadorU Assigment 2 Pt. 2: Writing With Strong Transitions

*Here is another version of my previous post, trying new writing styles for class! 🙂

“Today is the day I will hike 10 miles from Cedar Creek Park to Jones Beach,” I declare to myself halfheartedly at 7:11 on Saturday morning.
My pillow feels cool against my mascara-stained cheek and my sheets envelope me like a perfect breakfast wrap. Although I went to happy hour last night, I do not feel hungover thanks to chugging two bottles of Poland Spring before passing out. The crispy chicken sandwich probably helped, too.
I can see the bright sun peaking through the closed blinds, beckoning me out of my blanket cocoon. She makes me feel guilty she even debating not getting up but ultimately I know what my decision will be; to go on a scenic 10-mile morning hike.
In years passed, I had always loved hiking when I traveled. The Blue Mountains in Australia, the Long Ji Rice terraces in China, and the Swiss Alps in Switzerland were all trails I had conquered. However, when asked about the hiking opportunities native to my home region of Long Island, NY, I had no insight.
Anyone who knows me can tell you there is nothing that nags at my brain more than a missed opportunity. So, when a friend told me about a local hiking club called “Long Island Trail Enthusiasts” I signed up without hesitation. In fact, I signed up for five hikes that month alone and wrote my boss a note requesting the shifts off work. It was time for me to explore my island.
Unwrapping myself from the soft shell of covers, I hoisted myself off the bed and touched down onto the scratchy carpet, immediately doing 15 jumping jacks to get my blood flowing. Next step in the wake-up process was an invigorating facial rinse of Morning Burst cleanser and cold water. Feeling the beads from the cleanser waking up every pore on my skin as it tingled and glowed, I knew I was ready for the day ahead.
The smell of eggs and fresh fruit filled the kitchen as I began to cook a large breakfast. A meager entree of cereal and juice would not suffice. Instead, Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal, an omelet filled with veggies, beans, and cheeses, a just-ripe banana, and a tall glass of milk would be necessary to sustain me.
In the past, the hikes I had done had always been long stretches of rough, rocky terrain, steeps climbs, and lush forests with ambiguous paths, all set in the most peaceful settings. Exotic locations added to the appeal of these trails. Although I was often left battered and bruised, I always felt proud of these glory tattoos.
Today’s hike was of a different breed, as we would be walking from Cedar Creek Park to Jones Beach. The flat trail was 5-miles there and 5-miles back, with natural coastline and fresh green grass on one side and cars and trucks whizzing by at 90 miles per hour on the other. I knew that at times it would be difficult to appreciate Long Island’s pure beauty with this man-made distraction. However, something else that anyone who knows me can tell you is that I never pass up a challenge. In fact, I welcome it like a good friend to a dinner party.
As I bent down to tie up my Nike sneakers, I analyzed the marks on them. If I looked close enough, I could probably see some dirt from the Cinque Terre hike it Italy, or a grass stain from wandering through the forest in Fiji. I could not help but wonder, however, where was the sand from the Long Island beaches or a scrap from a rock at a local park? I did not know what had taken me so long to get motivated, but I knew that now that I was, nothing could stop me.

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