Let Your Freak Flag Fly In Bushwick, Brooklyn

Bizarre Bar

Circus of Dreams performing at Bizarre. Photo courtesy of Bizarre.

For those who want to enjoy New York City‘s arts scene beyond the mainstream offerings, head to Bushwick in Brooklyn. One of the city’s most up-and-coming neighborhoods for the arts, you’ll find everything from offbeat circus acts to experimental theater to open-air art galleries. One of the strangest experience one can have is visiting Bizarre Bar.

Located at 12 Jefferson Street, Bizarre is an offbeat bar that feels like something out of a Tim Burton film. The dimly-lit space is filled with religious statues, mis-matched lamps, mannequin legs, skeleton dolls, antique chandeliers and worn chairs and sofas for a comfortable and eclectic feel. Bizarre is known for serving top-notch absinthe cocktails and hosting x-rated freak shows and eccentric performance art acts. Almost every night you’ll enjoy live entertainment, from burlesque shows to open mic nights to psychedelic live music shows to circus performances. We recently went to see Circus of Dreams perform at Bizarre, with a few of the many shocking highlights being a woman reading a poem before covering her body in melted chocolate and having audience members eat it off; a man smashing beer and wine bottles over his head and playing in his own blood; a guy manically jamming swords down his own throat, one of which was attached to marionette so he could put on a puppet show with his face being the stage; and two people in Hazmat suits connecting people from the audience by a long rope and maneuvering it so they became human puppets. Overall, there was a lot of nudity, shock value and freak flags flying in a very positive way.

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