Las Vegas Taxis Overcharged Passengers By At Least $15M Last Year


Image via prolactina

You may want to be wary of your taxi driver’s route next time you’re in Las Vegas. According to a legislative audit released Monday, Clark County cab drivers taking tourists to and from the airport overcharged them by about $14.8 million in 2012, many choosing to take the “scenic route” to get visitors to their hotels.

“Taxicab trips are often the first and last experience tourists have in Las Vegas,” auditors wrote in a release. “Therefore, long hauling may result in tourists having a negative experience.”

Keep this in mind for your next trip to Las Vegas: To get from the airport to the casinos on the southern end of the strip (ie the MGM Grand) should cost between $12 and $17, while a ride from the airport to downtown should cost between $22 and $27.

Read the full story at Fox News

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