Jessie On A Journey Is Now On Etsy!


A beautiful day to be on the water in Mykonos, Greece

Announcement: I’m now on Etsy! You can find my travel, food and culture photography at JFInspirationGallery. Please have a look, and if you like what you see, spread the word.

I’ve always loved pictures. My earliest memories involve my father taking photos at soccer games, camping trips, dance recitals and birthday parties. I absolutely loved how he would capture these great memories in a way that allowed us to revisit them over and over, re-evoking the very feelings of giddiness and excitement felt when they were taken.

Combining my love of nostalgia with my passion for travel, I set out to become a travel photographer and writer, taking classes, experimenting with lenses, shooting at different angles and playing around with lighting. For those who think taking a picture is simply holding your camera out in front of you, you’re missing out on myriad possibilities for telling a story through a still (which to me, sometimes feel as if they’re moving).

After spending a few years writing about my travels around the world on Epicure & Culture, as well as my personal travel blog, Jessie on a Journey, I began to have journalists, book authors and even readers ask if there was a way they could purchase my photography from me. This is when I realized my dream of becoming a travel photographer was beginning to take shape. I’m hoping that with my Etsy store — JFInspirationGallery — I’ll be able to grow that dream further while inspire others to travel the world (or at least bring some of the world into your home).

I’ll be adding new inspirational travel photos each week; however, if there is a destination, theme, or evoked emotion you’d like added, please let me know and I’ll try my best to fulfill your request. If you’re not satisfied with the photo that comes from your request, no worries, there is no charge for this.

Also, please feel free to check out some of my other travel photography on SmugMug.

I hope the world continues to inspire you each day!

-Jessica Festa, Jessie on a Journey Editor

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