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Way To San Jose #IntrepidTravel Campaign Case Study

intrepid Campaign: I was sponsored by Intrepid Travel to partake in their Way To San Jose tour itinerary, going through Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica, for 21 days this past fall. I was to produce content on my blog and social channels. Blog Posts Produced:  Sample Instagram Shares:   
Syndication & Additional Coverage: Sample Facebook Shares:    tweet Sample Tweets: Campaign Results: The blog posts received over 1,700 unique views and over 700 social media shares straight from the website (not including organic shares on social media and views from syndication). Instagram posts received over 7,850 likes and over 220 comments. Facebook shares had a reach of over 11,000, while Twitter had over 10,000 impressions and over 100 engagements. According to Hashtracking, the hashtag #IntrepidTravel has a reach of over 156,000 on Twitter and, on Instagram, a reach of over 801,5000 and 25,000+ likes.