Publishing Made Easy: How To Create A 100% FREE EBook For Your Subscribers [Video]

Are you looking to provide a free ebook for your website subscribers, but don’t want to hire anyone of pay money to set it up?

In this video I’ll show you how to create a 100% FREE ebook that won’t cost you a dime. Offering a free ebook to your readers, followers and fans gives them an incentive to subscribe and offers them a reward for their loyalty to your brand. It helps create an audience that will return time and time again.

Along with pertinent and useful information and media in your ebook, you can also use these pages to place affiliate links, adds, sponsor messages, deals and discounts, information about your services, links back to your website, and product promotions to turn a free gift into a potential sale.

In the video I use Pages, but Microsoft Word works, too, or really anything you can eventually turn into a PDF to be given to your readers.

Tools use in the video to create a free ebook include PicMonkey, MyECoverCreator and MailChimp.

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