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22 Unique Items For The Hiking Enthusiast

Hiking Packing List: 22 Unique Items For The Hiking Enthusiast

Still looking for that perfect gift for your outdoor enthusiast loved one? I’ve rounded up some of my favorite hiking products — many of which are brand new to the market — to help you pick out your perfect present. Even if you’re done shopping for the holiday season, this guide makes for a great hiking packing list.

From trail-ready subscription boxes to backpacks that take you from office to woods, and to gadgets that make carrying a DSLR while trekking rather comfortable, here are 22 gift ideas for hiking enthusiasts.

hiking packing list

Photo via Sierra Designs

1. Pack Trench from Sierra Designs

After going through a number of cheap, humid, less-than-stylish raincoats, I decided to upgrade to Sierra Designs Pack Trench. While fashion isn’t my number one concern while hiking, it’s always awesome when gear combines function with aesthetics (hey, a travel blogger’s gotta Instagram!). The 3-layer Pack Trench gives me a boost of confidence while offering features like a PU laminate and DWR finish (you’ll stay extra dry), ventilation and lining that’s soft on skin. Price: $250.

2. CapturePRO Clip by Peak Design

Having a DSLR dangling from your neck while hiking can be a pain. Enter CapturePro by Peak Design. This sturdy aluminum camera clip allows trekkers to affix their camera to any backpack strap or belt loop and take photos on the go with one hand. Best of all, it’s designed with adventure activities like trekking and cycling in mind, so you don’t need to worry about running around and the clip falling off. Price: $79.95.

hiking packing list

Photo via TomTom

3. TomTom Adventurer

Not the cheapest gadget, but for those into health and fitness, this is a fun splurge. While your phone can calculate your steps, the accuracy and durability is less than ideal. Enter TomTom Adventurer, created for those who enjoy rugged outdoor activities.

You wear this water-resistant device — which has a built-in a barometer, compass and dedicated sport modes for trail running, hiking, skiing, and snowboarding — like a watch. From there it detects and measures your descent/ascent, heart rate, distance, speed, slope data and more. Additionally, you can store and listen to up to 500 songs (perfect for when you need that extra push on the trail) and track your GPS to save routes. Price: $349. 

hiking packing list

Photo via CEPCompression

4. CEPCompression Socks

One thing that can quickly put a damper on a hike — literally — is cold, wet feet. This is where CEPCompression socks come in. Crafted from merino wool and polyamide fibers, which reduce odors and respond to your natural body temperature, the socks can warm, cool and wick away sweat as needed. Bonus: padding in the socks allows for a snug fit without rubbing, and acts almost like a massage to relieve pressure. Price: $20+.

hiking packing list

Photo via Keen Footwear

5. Keen Versatrail

Being a light packer, I love discovering hiking shoes that double as everyday footwear, which is why I’m a fan of Keen Footwear’s Versatrail hiking shoes for women and men. They’re lightweight and slim for comfort, though trekkers can enjoy features like shock-absorbing cushioning and superb grip. Price: $120.

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hiking packing list

Photo via Ibex Outdoor Clothing

6. Izzi Tight from Ibex Outdoor Clothing

I’m a big fan of Merino wool and its moisture-wicking capabilities. This is a must for hikers as it’s odor resistant and reacts to your body temperature to keep you temperate and dry. Ibex Outdoor Clothing makes a range of Merino wool-based garments. I have their cozy Izzi Tights, which are uber comfortable, have an interior pocket and are itch free for trekking in cooler climates. Price: $110.

hiking packing list

Photo via Solo

7. Velocity Backpack Duffel

The first item on your hiking packing list should always be, well, your pack. I’ve recently been introduced to the Velocity Backpack Duffel by Solo, a great work-to-play bag that acts as a backpack or duffel. For blogging days I love the padded laptop compartment and tablet pocket, while for the trails I appreciate the padded straps and numerous pockets and zippers. It’s super stylish, too! Price: $59.99.

hiking packing list

Photo via Deuter

8. Deuter ACT Trail Pro 34 Backpack

If you prefer a pack that’s more rugged and heavy-duty — and also budget-friendly — I recommend the Deuter ACT Trail Pro 34 Backpack. I’ve been using Deuter products since I started backpacking and have nothing but positive things to say about the brand.

This uber comfortable, anatomically-shaped pack offers numerous adjustments so the pack fits snugly to the body and holds your load comfortably, while still ventilating your back. There are also tons of different compartments, including front pockets for the items you use more often and a two-way front zip that lets you get deep into your pack without opening the top. A few of the many other highlights include a wet laundry pocket, compression straps, a detachable rain cover and a SOS label with emergency numbers. Price: $159. 

hiking packing list

Photo via Gobi Gear

9. Gobi Gear SegSac

No matter what bag you choose, Gobi Gear’s lightweight SegSac fits in any pack to help you stay extra organized and find what you need fast. The ripstop nylon SegSac features four compartments to store your trail necessities, and is easily closed shut with a drawstring. They also offer a compression version for those who tend to overpack. Price: $19.99-$45.99. 

hiking packing list

Photo via Monoprice

10. IP65 Rugged Power Bank from Monoprice

Being on the trails means being away from power outlets. Whether it’s for your camera phone or personal safety apps, having charged gadgets is important. What’s great about the IP65 Rugged Power Bank is all in its name — it’s rugged. Trekkers don’t have to worry about rain, dust or the device getting banged around in your bag. It also has a built-in LED flashlight! Price: $29.99.

hiking packing list

Photo via Motorola

11. Motorola Talkabout T600 H20

Speaking of safety, carrying two-way radios for when cell service isn’t available is a smart idea when hiking, camping, skiing and partaking in other outdoor adventure sports. Along with being rugged, the re-chargeable radios feature signal strength up to 35 miles (in optimal conditions)a built-in flashlight (including a red LED light for night vision) and waterproof/floating capabilities. Price: $119.99.

hiking packing list

Photo via Phunkshun Wear

12. Phunkshun Wear Infinity Scarves

Made 100% in the USA, these stylish scarves are a must on your hiking packing list. They come in a variety of warmth levels with added benefits like 50+ UPF protection (similar to SPF), moisture-wicking capabilities and water resistance. The scarves are crafted from 100% USA-milled polar fleece, while the company’s other garments are made from a soft material from recycled plastic to keep bottles out of landfills.  Price: $29.99.

hiking packing list

Photo via VibraCool

13. VibraCool

If you’ve tried Icy Hot or Bengay for pain, VibraCool combines icing therapy for reducing inflammation with high-frequency vibration for loosening muscles. For light packers like me, you’ll love that it weighs only 8 ounces and doesn’t count against your liquids. Price: $69.95 – 89.95.

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hiking packing list

Photo via UCO

14. Leschi Lantern & Flashlight

A product of UCO, who have been making adventure gear since 1971, this unique collapsible lantern-meets-flashlight is perfect for night hikes and camping. It’s lightweight at 1.6 ounces, and features a shock cord that can be mounted to camping poles and trees for a hands-free, lit-up experience. Bonus: the gadget is water resistant (no worries if it rains!) and despite being small in size, it can project up to 400 feet. Price: $14.99.

15. Global Rescue Membership

For those embarking on truly adrenaline-pumping hikes, it’s worth ensuring your safety beyond travel insurance (though you should have that, too!). These guys work with everyone, from everyday travelers to government officials, providing field rescue, medical advisory and evacuation, as well as security extraction services. You’ll have your choice of hospital to be transported to, and on the way you’ll be looked after by their own critical care paramedics and former Special Operations personnel. Price: $119+ (for a 7-day medical membership).

female travel gear

16. Vigilant Personal Alarm

I recommend Vigilant in almost every guide I write, and for good reason. It’s the smallest travel gadget I own, and I wear it as a bracelet both at home and on the road. If danger approaches, you pull the pin easily out to sound an alarm as loud as a fire truck, scaring off bad guys, bears and other potential attackers. Price: $16.99. 

hiking packing list

Photo via GoPro

17. GoPro Hero5 Black

This tiny action camera takes high resolution photos and high definition videos, while taking up virtually no space in your pack. The many mounts and filters help the camera adapt to any adventure and setting, and the waterproof housing means you can even take the camera underwater.

My favorite mount is the Head Strap, as you can simply pop it on your head and go (though try to move your head slowly when filming videos to avoid making viewers nauseous). Because GoPros aren’t great in low light — though the newer ones are a big improvement of the older models — I’d also recommend a Joby Gorillapod Travel Tripod and GoPro tripod mount for clearer shots. An extra battery is also a good idea as they tend to die quick. Price: $399.

hiking packing list

Photo via Scrubba

18. Scrubba Portable Laundry System Wash Bag

Doing laundry, paying for laundry and wasting time in a laundromat are all things I dislike — at home and while traveling. That’s where the Scrubba Portable Laundry System comes in. Simply put your dirty clothing in the bag along with water and detergent, roll the bag down, and clip closed. From there, press down and rub to clean clothes against the bag’s internal washboard, then rinse and dry. You can use a microfiber towel to roll clothes and squeeze out excess moisture. Bonus: there’s an eco-twist, as the company estimates users use about 0.5-1.5 gallons of water less per load. Price: $49.95.

hiking packing list

Photo via Cairn

19. Cairn Monthly Trail Delivery

Love surprises? Hikers will love the Cairn monthly delivery service, featuring 4-5 items for the trail relating to gear, apparel, emergency, skincare and food/energy. Each box is valued up to $50, with options like energy bars, lip balms, insect repellents, first aid kits, beanies and more! Some brands that have been featured in past boxes include Brunton, ExOfficio, Bearded Brothers, Grand Trunk and Honey Stinger. Price: $25 per month. 

hiking packing list

Photos via BodyworksBall

20. BodyworksBall

While fun, hiking can lead to sore muscles. Luckily, the BodyworksBall takes up little space, allowing you to work out aches and pains on the go. Originally designed for pro athletes to use on the road, the portable massage system can handle getting rolled in the dirt when needed. A few exercises company founder, BJ BJ Dowlen, recommends, all shown above, include:

  • Feet: Kick off your hiking shoe and roll the instep, sides and ball of your foot.
  • Shoulder: Find a sign — make sure there are no splinters or exposed nails in it — and lean against to roll against for shoulders. Doing “slight” squats up and down while the ball moves up and down the upper back is a great way to get rid of shoulder knots.
  • Piriformis & IT Bands: Step through the bungee cord, and use the handle to hold the ball in place. Lean against a wall or map of the hiking region, roll in circular motion around the gluts, and then turn to the side to roll up and down along the IT Band. I get the MOST emails from hikers about how this move helps relieve aches and pains in the butt — literally — from hiking.

Bonus: it’s proudly made in the USA! Price: $34.99.

hiking packing list

Photo via RevoMax

21. RevoMax Twist-Free Water Bottle

When you get thirsty on your hikes, you want to drink fast without spillage. The RevoMax stainless steel twist-free water bottle means trekkers can open and close their bottle with one hand. Moreover, the bottle boasts the ability to keep beverages hot or cold for 15 hours! Price: Sale price $19.99 (originally $34.99). 

hiking packing list

Photo via Therapik

22. Therapik

If bugs tend to eat you alive no matter what percentage of DEET you’re wearing, you need something that works to cure the itch. While I’m a fan of Aromaflage ($30), all-natural insect repellent and perfume in one, I recently got turned on to Therapik to stop me from scratching. Instead of using cream or spray (which counts against your liquids), the tool offers a soothing heat. Press the tip of the Therapik to the bite, press the button, wait 30 seconds and the itch should be gone! The company also offers a one-year money back guarantee. Price: $12.95.

What would you add to this hiking packing list and gift guide? Please share in the comments below! 

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Gift Guide and Packing List for Hikers

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