Hamptons Weekend on Long Island, New York

While many people come to New York solely for the “big city, bright lights” feel of Manhattan, I can not help but think that they are missing out by not coming to visit Long Island, especially if it is summer. My point was once again proven this previous Memorial Day weekend when I got to spend my time in the Hamptons. Not only does eastern Long Island have gorgeous beaches, quaint shops, live outdoor bands, and myriad vineyards, it also has great nightlife.
Friday night I got to celebrate my friend’s birthday by taking a party bus out to Beach Bar. With an indoor dance floor playing great dance music and an outdoor patio to relax on as well, I could have stayed here all night. Funnily enough, one person from our party did as he fell asleep outside of the bar. The cover was only $10 and all of the staff there were really nice, with bartenders happily making my mixed drink stronger upon request. My absolutely favorite part about Beach Bar was the fact that not only are you allowed to dance on the bar, but it is encouraged. My friends and I danced all night long and the atmosphere was nothing less than a great time. The bus picked the group up around 2:30AM when we all were able to drunkenly recall (or forget?) what a great time we all had.
Unfortunately, I had to work Saturday so I had to miss out on Neptunes Beach Club. However, I hear it’s a lot of fun and is definitely on my to-do list for the summer!
The best part of the weekend was without a doubt the Boardy Barn on Sunday. I was dubious at first due to the fact that I was forced to wake up at 7:30AM to make a 9:11AM train, just so we could get in line 2 hours before the place even opened. But, it being Memorial Day weekend, the place was a madhouse. My friends and I did not let this deter us, however, as we made some pre-drinks and boarded the train with the 3,000 other partiers heading to the barn.
My friends and I instantly made friends right off the train and in the taxi that we took to the bar. Luckily, our new buddies knew people at the front of the line. If we had not taken this taxi, we would not have gotten in until 4PM! However, being the friendly gals that we are, this did not matter. Although one of the bouncers threw out my delicious “tea” that I was enjoying while waiting for the bar to open, the line was actually almost as fun as being in the bar…almost.
There is something about drinking during the day that gets me excited, and I don’t think I am the only one that feels this way. Picture thousands of people outside and inside, chugging $2 beers, spilling all over the place, dancing on benches, and covering each other in stickers. I can not think of anything I would rather do on a Sunday afternoon. Not only that, but there are so many good looking people there it is ridiculous! Both the atmosphere and view get an A+.
While it was really crowded outside as well as on the indoor-open part, if you made your way back near the snack stand (Props for having hot dogs, pretzels, and pizza!) there was spacious dance floor where I spent most of my time, taking pictures and flailing around without a care in the world. I will definitely be spending a lot of my time here over the summer!

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