Video: Essential Travel Tips For Ghana, Africa

Traveling to Ghana?

Your first trip to Ghana, Africa, can be daunting, as for many the local culture will be very different from your own. While you should expect to feel out of place for the first day or so, if you give this destination a chance you’ll likely fall in love with it (I did, anyway). The truth is, the most rewarding trips — ones that lead to personal growth, a more open mind and increased global understanding — typically involve some discomfort and a need to alter your mindset. Ghana, for me at least, was one of those trips.

To help prepare you for your trip, I’ve created the above video filled with essential Ghana travel tips.

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  1. Hello Jess!

    Thank you so much for the video and all the tips! I can somehow relate to it. I traveled to Middle East before and it was really a culture shocked for me. The feeling is different though I kind of expected it prior to visiting the place. Still, it is a lot different when you reach your destination.

    1. Adrian: Very true! I think I expected to be culture shocked in Ghana, but it was much more intense when I actually got there. Still, I absolutely loved it and would recommend the destination to anyone.

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