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25 Unique Items Female Travelers Should Be Packing

5 Useful & Unique Gifts For Female Travelers
By Jessie Festa (of Jessie on a Journey) & Colleen Kinsey (of Travel Meets Happy)

Shopping around for unique female travel gear? Look no further than this women-centric packing list. From smart collapsible luggage to high-quality, carry-on approved beauty supplies, here are 22 awesome ideas for nomadic women in love with the road.

female travel gear
Photo via Speakeasy Travel Supply

1. Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves

These scarves are so innovative! Jersey-knit Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Scarves are actually lovingly crafted by my blogger friends over at Beers and Beans. Showcasing over 40 different patterns, the cozy, handmade accessories are made in the USA and feature a pocket large enough to fit your passport, phone, glasses and more! They also come with a self-locking zipper to make sure nothing falls out or gets stolen. Price: $55. 

2. Barracuda Collapsible Smart Luggage

While there are a few smart luggage players out there, I totally fell in love with Barracuda’s bags when I saw they have an additional feature: they’re collapsible. Space savers win my heart (hey, I’m a New Yorker!).

The stylish luggage comes in six colors, and has awesome tech features like location tracking (via optional upgrade unit), a companion scale and a removable 2-USB-equipped battery pack. Other perks include an ergonomic handle that moves and twists with your wrist, built-in tray table, a storage bag with a hang tag, three mesh compartments and a compression strap to easily pack in all your necessities.

When I use a suitcase this is what I travel with. I always get tons of compliments on it, too! Price: $279. 

female travel gear
Photo via Jessie on a Journey

3. Live Love Travel Tote

I’m going to do a little self-promotion here and recommend a bag designed by moi — the Live Love Travel Tote, part of my Travel Quote Collection. The bag is meant to speak to my fellow wanderlust-filled ladies as a perfect statement piece for the road. Price: $21.67. 

female travel gear

4. Vigilant Personal Alarm

I recommend Vigilant in almost every guide I write, and for good reason. It’s the smallest travel gadget I own, and I wear it as a bracelet both at home and on the road. If danger approaches, you pull the pin easily out to sound an alarm as loud as a fire truck, scaring off bad guys, bears and other potential attackers. Price: $16.99. 

female travel gear
Photo via Clever Travel Companion

5. Clever Travel Companion Pickpocket-Proof Garments

This is another brand I constantly talk about, as I’ve been using their garments for over five years of traveling. Safety should always be your number one priority. These garments feature hidden interior pockets, ensuring thieves can never even know you’re carrying cash. Price: $9.90+. 

female travel gear
Photo via YogaDownload

6. Yoga Download Membership

For the female traveler who wants to stay fit and focused on the road — but doesn’t want to hit the gym — this is the perfect gift. I love using my membership right in my hotel room or AirBnB. As long as there’s Wi-Fi, you’re good to go. It’s a great way to relieve travel stress, as well. Price: Memberships start at $10 per month. Click here for a 50% off discount. 


A photo posted by SERENFLIPITY (@serenflipity) on Dec 1, 2016 at 10:01am PST

7. Serenflipity

For a gift with an adventurous twist, this deck of 30 cards offers fun missions that can be woven into any trip, such as asking a stranger for a new mantra to live by, or picking up the tab for someone when you get your next coffee. Price: $12.93.

female travel gear
Photo via ModCloth

8. Adventure Capitalist Travel Wallet

Sigh. I’m so in love with all of ModCloth’s products! Especially their travel wallets. This one is particularly whimsical, as well as practical as it fits your passport, cards, cash, IDs, tickets and more! Price: $29.99. 

female travel gear
Photo via Rocketbook

9. Rocketbook

Looking for unique tech-centric female travel gear? The Rocketbook is one of my personal favorite recent finds. It’s the world’s first microwavable notebook. Yes, you read that right. You actually get to experience the joy of pen and paper again, though a paired app lets you send all notes to cloud storage services like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and Evernote. When you want to erase your pages, simply microwave or blow dry the book to clear. It’s a fun way to keep a journal or work on the road without needing to bring a laptop or stare at a screen. Price: $25.97. 

female travel gear
Photo via SaferTech

10. CreepBlockers

One privacy concern many have is the devices we use and love also being portals to have our every move and conversation spied on – which is where CreepBlockers by SaferTech comes in. These creative decals can be used to cover webcams and microphones without leaving residue or damaging your gear. With all the gadgets most travelers bring on the road, it’s better safe than sorry. Plus, the decals are really fun! Price: $19.99 for 60+ decals. 

female travel gear
Photo via Bubi Bottle

11. Bubi Bottle

This collapsible/fold-able bottle is so versatile! Along with being BPA-free and puncture-resistant, this 22-ounce bottle holds both hot and cold beverages, and can even be used as a compress to treat ailments. You can also attach a sipping cap with straw to keep air out on planes — great for avoiding on-board stomach issues and spills. Apparently, the Bubi Bottle founder has used it as a pillow on an airplane before, too, as it’s very soft and never loses its shape. Price: $20. 

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Photo via Dock & Bay

12. Dock & Bay Travel Towels

These microfiber towels offer a quick drying, lightweight solution to traditional cotton. They’re great for use as a camping or beach towel on the go, or even a makeshift yoga mat. I also love the fact that they take up practically no space! Despite having stylish towel collections and an official look book, they’re still quite budget-friendly. Price: $19.99+.

female travel gear
Photo via ModCloth

13. There’s A Map For That Necklace

Another ModCloth favorite. Get the female traveler in your life a beautiful statement necklace (that also happens to be very budget-friendly!). If you’re looking for something a little different, the shop also has gorgeous plane, suitcase, star and compass pendants, among other shapes symbolic of wanderlust. Price: $19.99. 

female travel gear
Photo via Stowaway Cosmetics

14. Stowaway Cosmetics

Stowaway Cosmetics were designed for travelers, keeping in mind that 75% of women don’t finish their cosmetics. To help minimize waste, reduce cost and lighten carry-on load, these cruelty-free, gluten-free, EU-compliant cosmetics are crafted in sizes meant for you to finish. Most of the products are also vegan, though some contain beeswax. I personally use their makeup on the road and at home.

Recommended: the Basics Kit featuring BB Cream, creaseless concealer, cream lipstick, cheek & lip rouge, eyeliner and mascara. Price: $75. 


A photo posted by Polaroid (@polaroid) on Nov 21, 2016 at 1:52pm PST

15. Polaroid’s Snap Touch Instant Print Digital Camera

Polaroid has always made fun, vintage-y camera gear, though their newest invention weaves past with present. You’ll still get the instant Polaroid prints, but you can also upload them to your computer, phone or social channels, with the option to add filters before printing and sending. The camera comes in six different colors, too! Price: $163.86.

female travel gear
Photo via Click n Curl

16. Click n Curl Blowout Travel Set

I’ll admit I’m typically an air-dried hair kind of gal, especially on the road; however, there are certain trips where I like to put in the extra effort, especially if it’s a business trip or if I’m traveling on a special romantic getaway. This portable hair styling set is awesome. Simply choose your brush barrel size and blow dry. Price: $24.99.

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17. Aromaflage

Aromaflage — an essential oil and alcohol blend — is a delightful invention for those wanting an all-natural alternative to drugstore insect repellents. It also saves space as it doubles as perfume. All the company’s products are under three ounces, so you can easily stay within TSA requirements and travel with just a carry-on. I also recommend After Bite for those times when mosquitoes do get to you, as it’s one of the only products I’ve found that actually stop the itch (along with noni fruit and Windex). Price: $30. 

Photo via ModCloth

18. Trusty Travel Button Up

When I’m on the road, it’s tricky to find versatile tops. Everything I pack has to not only be comfortable, but multi purpose. This Trusty Travel button up is perfect for a day touring a museum, or a night on the town. My favorite part is the back string detail which enhances your silhouette! Price: $49.00

Photo via ModCloth

19. Elusive Snooze Travel Pillow Set

Being a road warrior requires you to find sleep whenever and wherever. Don’t let a stiff neck and head bobbing disrupt your slumber. This adorable unicorn neck pillow is made with a memory foam pillow and matching sparkle eye mask allowing you to tap into a restful sleep and catch some z’s in transit. Price: $35.00

Photo via EMS

20. EMS Women’s Mist Rain Trench Coat

Don’t let a little rain ruin your fun! Whether you’re exploring the Cliffs of Moher on a solo trip to Ireland or traveling during rainy season in Bali, you’re prepared to combat any downpour. This all purpose coat is actually a two-layer jacket, allowing you to keep dry and warm, plus it’s great for layering! Don’t miss the special sale price. Price: $149.00 $74.50

Photo via EMS

21. SMARTWOOL Women’s Ethno Graphic Crew Socks

Cold feet is a guaranteed way to damper any mood while you’re exploring. Warm up those tootsies with merino wool socks! SMARTWOOL includes a supportive arch brace without adding bulk, so you can still fit into your favorite boot. With a seamless toe and temperature control fabric, your feet will be doing the happy dance clear across town. Price: $22.95

Photo via Priority Pass

22. Priority Pass

Make sure your next airport layover has a touch of VIP to it with this Priority Pass. You get access to quiet, comfortable lounges, complimentary refreshments and lightening speed Wi-Fi. It’s my go-to place when I need to work or have a recharge. Price: $89.00

Photo via NOVICA

23Llama Poncho

Want to keep warm, while also supporting a mission? This poncho is made from the iconic Andes llamas in Peru. The soft material will make you feel like you’re wrapped in a cozy blanket. When you purchase from NOVICA, you’re helping support local artisans with fair trade and great values. Price: $69.99

Photo via NOVICA

24. Atlantis Hammock

Want to sleep like the Mayans? This hand-woven, beautifully colored hammock is made by Maya Artisans in the Yucatan. Help support this time honored custom by purchasing a hammock that is easy to pack and maintain. Price: $61.99

Photo via NOVICA

25. Cotton Messenger Bag

This is the perfect gift for the practical traveler. This gray, cotton, cross-body bag is made by local artisans in Peru and comes with lined zipper-top compartments and loads of pockets to help you keep your purse organized. Price $69.99

Note: My purse of choice when I travel is a cross-body bag. It allows me the freedom to move around, spreads the weight of the bag across my body, and is more difficult for pickpockets to get into.

5 Useful & Unique Gifts For Female Travelers

What female travel gear would you add to this packing list? Please share in the comments below! 

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