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Exploring The Vibrant Colors Of Egypt

Beach Nuweiba Sinai Egypt

Beach Nuweiba Sinai Egypt

If, when you think of Egypt, you imagine yellow sand-dunes and dusty pyramids, it’s time to pay this fascinating country a visit and take a second look. Booking a trip to Egypt will enable you to see that the country is actually home to an awe-inspiring color-palette. Fly to Sharm el Sheikh, and you’ll be in prime position for discovering the following Egyptian colors.


For at least the last 5,000 years, the Sinai Peninsula, once known as “Country of Turquoise,” has been the site of mining for this precious gem.  South Sinai is where you’ll find most of the old mines, and the best way to visit them is with a local Bedouin as your tour guide.
white desert

Image via calamari


The staggering chalk formations at Farafra look like nothing else on earth. The White Desert, as it is known, looks like its peaks and plains are permanently snow-capped, but in fact, it is sand storms that have created this odd moonscape of white rock. This area is popular as a camping destination, so if you fancy a night under the stars, here’s a good place to do it.
black desert

Image via Nomo


As bizarre a site as the White Desert, its counterpart is the ominous Black Desert. Just near Bahariya, this region is covered in black volcanic boulders, and from the highest peak in the area, known as English Mountain, it looks as though someone recently lit the whole terrain on fire.

Siwa at sunset; Image via brokenarts


After miles of fire-colored sand, there’s nothing as refreshing as seeing the bright greens of an oasis. Siwa is often described as Egypt’s most beautiful oasis, but Bahariya is the more accessible option if you want to visit an oasis without a day of traveling. Both have become the epicenter of a unique culture, as for centuries, nomadic people have settled at the consistent source of water.
red sea

Image via Boris1968


The Red Sea is, in fact, anything but red – in most places it is clear, bright blue, and going for a dip is a must. Egypt has long been known as one of the world’s best diving destinations, and if you visit the Red Sea Reef, you’ll see that the life underwater is even more colorful than that above.
Egypt Cairo Egyptian Museum Tutankhamen's funerary mask

Egyptian Museum in Cairo


Who could visit Egypt without seeing something that was once owned by a Pharaoh? Visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo and you’ll see the products of lifetimes of hoarding. Glittering as brightly gold as if they’d been made yesterday, it’s hard to believe many of these ancient amulets are 5,000 years old.
Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai


As the sun rises on Mount Sinai, you’ll see every color imaginable, but perhaps most striking is the red of the rock. Watching the spectacle does involve climbing in the night, but the view from the top is absolutely worth it, as is the gentle morning meander back down. Don’t forget to stop off at the famous St. Katherine’s Monastery – the alleged site of Moses’ burning bush.
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