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The Unofficial Official Solo Female Travel Manifesto

As a female who loves solo travel, one of my main goals with this blog is to inspire my female readers to have solo adventures themselves and reap the benefits of really getting to know yourself. For some inspiration and […]

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Travel Blogging

“You get paid to travel the world?,” “You work from the beach?” “How do you afford all this?” On a daily basis I get numerous emails asking me how I got my job and how they can do it too. […]

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5 Budget-Friendly Health And Wellness Getaways

Wellness retreats offer the chance to clear your mind and escape your problems for a bit. They allow you to get back in touch with yourself, strengthen your relationship with the earth and eat healthy meals. The problem is these […]

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Culture Shock: My First Onsen Experience In Japan

“When doing the Japanese onsen you’ll bring a small and big towel to the locker room where you can leave the big towel in a locker or basket. The baths are separated by male and female. You’ll then remove your […]

screaming man

Notes On Traveling With People You Hate

I have found out there ain’t no surer way to find out where you like people or hate them than to travel with them” – Mark Twain I’ve traveled with some true crazies during my time on the road. Don’t […]


How To Annoy The Hell Out Of Your Hostel Mates

Hostels are a smart option when traveling. Not only do they help you save money, they allow you take advantage of free and discounted experiences, give you access to useful amenities like game rooms, kitchens and lounge areas, and help […]

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How To Be An Annoying Airline Passenger

As someone who flies about four to six times per month, I regular encounter frustrating airline passengers. Some of the habits of other travelers leave me stunned at how oblivious they are to the fact they’re in a public space. […]