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Ditch The Daily Grind:


Turn Your Travel Blog
into a Profitable Business

Learn a wildly effective strategy for transforming your
travel blog into a sustainable career in just six weeks.
(no confusion required!)

jessie festa, solo female travel blogger

What if your travel blog attracted a dedicated community of readers who *couldn't wait* to read your next post, and allowed you to earn a *sustainable* full-time income? 

If you think making a living being your own boss and getting paid to be creative is a pipe dream, I'm here to tell you it's not.

In fact, it can be your dream come true. 

Raise your hand if...


Need to find your
target audience

You feel stumped when people ask you who your "target audience" is (and aren't sure why you really need to define one.)


You need to hone
in on your niche

You have trouble pinning down a clear niche. You're just passionate about so many different things. Isn't it better to appeal to a wider demographic, anyway?


with social media

You’re exhausted from trying to manage Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, SnapChat, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, [insert latest craze platform here]...


Nervous about
Making money

You're worried that "ditching the daily grind" would mean forever being nervous about not making your rent.


Wasting time in
the wrong areas

You’re tired of spending hours asking people on Facebook to please please pretty pleaseeeee just leave a quick comment on your latest blog post. Is this really how people gain “traffic”?


Frustrated with
your blog

You're sick of the confusion and frustration. Isn't travel blogging supposed to be fun?

jessie festa, solo female travel blogger

Here's the deal.
If you want something to change you've got to
change up what you're doing.
It's time to stop wondering how the big time bloggers
are "doing it" and start "doing it" yourself! 

There are tons of articles out there telling you how to get more likes and followers. But what do those vanity metrics mean if they’re not turning into profits?

I don't just want to teach you how to gain social clout; but also how to grow a community that can't wait to read (and share!) your content, subscribe to your email list and purchase your products. 

Once you do this, you won't have to scramble for link love. It'll just happen naturally... meaning less time on the laptop and more time in the lap pool! 

Just imagine a life where you:


Turn your blog
into a business

Transform your blog from an online trip journal to a purpose-driven business that earns you consistent cash.


Diversify your
income streams

Earn money by helping people. Ditch the Daily Grind does *not* advocate selling spammy sponsored posts. In fact, you'll learn how to ethically diversify your income streams so that you always have income coming in.


Develop reader

Know exactly what your readers want to hear. I'll teach you a strategy for crafting a highly targeted content plan that not only keeps readers coming back for more, but instantly converts them into email subscribers.


Save your precious time

Cut your time spent on social media in half and still see major growth. Hint: you don't need to everywhere to grow a community. In fact, I don't recommend it. You'll learn why inside this course.


Have more fun &
more focus

Spend more time doing "the fun stuff." Let's say goodbye to long hours spent on tasks that don't bring you business growth and profits. Instead, I'll show you step-by-step what you really need to focus on.


Get paid to travel
where you want

It's time to spend less time hunched over your desk in frustration, and more time actually traveling (and, of course, earning an income even while you're flying to your next bucket list destination!) You'll learn tactics for running your blog on autopilot (for real!)

Welcome to Ditch the Daily Grind

Ditch the Daily Grind online course

You'll learn the exact tactics I've used to
turn my blog into a sustainable business. 

This isn't about just growing your fans and followers. It's about growing a community filled with the right people who can't wait to devour your content and purchase your products. (Because, yes, we'll also dive into creating your first product!)

Ditch The Daily Grind is broken up into 6 modules (plus bonuses!). Each module includes a video class, a step-by-step strategy blueprint, and accompanying funsheets. (Yes, I said fun!)

Modules Include:

Module 1

Branding Your Blog For Success

We'll lay out a solid foundation from which to grow. Here is where we'll define your purpose, and how to use it to grow a seriously engaged audience.

Module 2

SEO, Google Analytics, & Security

While I can see the creative in you cringing, I'll break this all down step-by-step to make it quick and painless. And dare I say, fun?

Module 3

Crafting A Content & List Building Strategy That Converts

And I don't just mean "Monday = Publish a top 10 list.” I'm talking about a real plan of action that makes blog visitors feel like your content was written just for them (so you can turn them into subscribers and, eventually, customers.)

Module 4

Social Media & The Power Of Pinterest

Truth: You DON'T need to be on every platform. In fact, it's smarter to choose just a few. I’ll show you how to pick (and rock!) your perfect channels, with an argument for why Pinterest should be one of them. I'll also pull back the curtain on how I've turned Pinterest into my #1 traffic generator (after Google search traffic). 

Module 5

Crafting A Fantastic Facebook Strategy

Facebook is the largest and most demographically diverse social media platform out there. It also has so many free features you can utilize to seriously grow your blog brand (and make your audience love you even more). I'll also show you step-by-step how to create your first Facebook Ad using just $1 per day (easy peasy, I promise!)

Module 6

Monetization (Without Exasperation)

You can make money scrambling to sell spammy sponsored posts, OR you can create a sustainable business that makes money ethically and purposefully. I'll be showing you the latter. 

Bonuses Include:

Ditch the Daily Grind Bonuses

Once you're in the course, you’ll have access to super helpful resources, including:

  • How To Land (And Rock!) Press Trips Guide
  • What Do I Say To My Email Subscribers? Cheat Sheet 
  • Hot Ideas For Creating A Community
  • Email Templates And How To Determine Your Rates 
  • Blog Promotion Checklist
  • Recommended Affiliate Networks To Join
  • Recommended Content & Media Networks To Join
    (over 60 listed!) 

Ready to turn your blog
into a business?

Prosper $199

  • Access to all 6 modules
  • Access to all bonuses
  • Lifetime access + updates

Superstar $299

  • Access to all 6 modules
  • Access to all bonuses
  • Lifetime access + updates
  • (1) 1-hour Private Skype Session

Elite $899

  • Access to all 6 modules
  • Access to all bonuses
  • Lifetime access + updates 
  • (4) 1-hour Private Skype Sessions

30-Day Money Back Guarantee included with all packages. No questions asked! Note that refunds will only be granted *before* any Private Skype Sessions with the Superstar and Elite Packages. For this reason, it's best to schedule your first Skype call for after the first month of the course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! If you're unsatisfied with this course, email Jessie at [email protected] within 30 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

Meet Your Instructor

what type of traveler are you

I started blogging in 2011, and since then have grown a profitable (and fun!) business that allows me to travel the world -- and get paid doing it. 

I'm not talking just free trips here. I'm talking actual money that allows me to earn a viable income doing what I love. 

A little bit about me:
  • I've worked with renowned brands like Qantas Airways, Mastercard, South African Tourism, Marriott, Tourism Australia and many more. 
  • I've been featured in top publications like USA TODAY, CNN, Business Insider and AOL Travel, as well as a web series with Bravo and a featured guest on BBC Travel (TV). 
  • I've spoken at notable conferences like the New York Travel Festival, iSugar and FindSpark. 
  •  I've been coaching bloggers -- both those just starting out and those who've been at it for a while -- since 2014. Each year, I help hundreds of bloggers turn their websites into dream businesses that let them comfortably live a location independent lifestyle. 

Let’s take a step back for a moment to *before* I owned a profitable blogging business. 

Well, I did own a blogging business, though it certainly wasn’t profitable. And it certainly didn’t give me the “freedom” I craved being a travel blogger. Heck, I was working longer hours and making way less money than I ever had before. 

What confused me was that I was blogging and posting to six different social media accounts every single day, but my traffic didn’t grow and my email list sat basically empty (just like my bank account). 

I experimented with a few strategies -- things other “gurus” recommended on their blogs -- but nothing seemed to work.  That is, until I started doing some serious testing and tweaking.

Today, I spend less time online than ever before while making a full-time salary on my website. 

And guess what. I don’t sell spammy sponsored posts. I don’t manage other people’s social media accounts. I don’t take poorly paid freelance gigs.  Instead, I make money using a 6-module system focused on nurturing my community. It’s a strategy that has led to increased website traffic, hundreds of new email subscribers every month, and consistent income (up to $10,000 per month!)

Prefer a video introduction?

Oh, hey there. 🙂

Success Stories...

But don't just take it from me. Check out what some of our happy Ditch The Daily Grind students are saying.

Through this course, I was able to create a strategic approach to building our email list, and that really allowed us to increase our email subscribers, where previous we’d been totally stagnant.

- Katelyn Bossany

One of the quick benefits provided was the email templates to use to reach out to collaborators and brands! I also now have a clearer mission on what I’m blogging for.

- Bianca Bustos-Valazquez

Besides the SEO, [my favorite lesson was] definitely figuring out who my audience was, and figuring out what content they wanted -- so they would actually come and read it and then want to stay and read some more!

- Christine Emhardt

Katie Foote

he shared tried-and-true tips from her successful websites, while providing alternatives for people who take a different approach to their website.

Starting a blog and breaking into a competitive arena like travel blogging can be intimidating, but Jessie’s comprehensive video course covered all the basics. All of this was presented in an engaging video course, suitable for a beginner or someone who already knows the basics of website creation. 

- Katie Foote

Michele Herrmann

If you want to start blogging for the long term, Jessie's training course provides the right advice and tools for getting established. 

Her tips and recommendations on everything from developing a content focus, to planning a social media strategy, to applying helpful plugins, are spot on. I especially appreciated her video on monetizing your blog, as it provides much insight on an area of blogging that often can seem elusive. I definitely picked up a lot of solid and practical info.

- Michele Herrmann

Mariana Ruiz

Jessie answers so many questions on the in’s and out’s of blogging and really building a brand versus just creating content. 

I love that the videos were something you could visually follow along with and it all felt very personable being able to see how Jessie did these things on her own blogs. Thanks as always Jessie for sharing your travel blogging wisdom!

- Mariana Ruiz

- Sky Fisher

My plan was to watch one module of Ditch The Daily Grind every few days; but once I watched the first, I couldn't stop. 

I literally spent an entire day watching each module and following along with the worksheets. I kept a note of everything I needed to change on my blog and it was the most productive day I've had in a long time, as far as making progress on my blog. I've had Sky vs World for a while now, but have never been able to keep up with it consistently. Something was always missing and I could never figure out what it was. But finally, thanks to Ditch The Daily Grind, I figured it out. 

Jessie walks you through all of the most important parts of turning your blog into a business, starting with building your brand. The advice from that particular section was enough to make Ditch The Daily Grind worth buying for me and it just got better from there. There were so many things included in this course that I had never seen suggested anywhere else, even though I've read more “how to” guides for blogs than I can count, and Jessie offers monetization techniques and suggestions that I would never have considered before. I now have a business plan, a social media strategy, and a game plan for turning my blog into a true business!

- Sky Fisher

Ready to turn your blog
into a business?

Prosper $199

  • Access to all 6 modules
  • Access to all bonuses
  • Lifetime access + updates

Superstar $299

  • Access to all 6 modules
  • Access to all bonuses
  • Lifetime access + updates
  • (1) 1-hour Private Skype Session

Elite $899

  • Access to all 6 modules
  • Access to all bonuses
  • Lifetime access + updates 
  • (4) 1-hour Private Skype Sessions

30-Day Money Back Guarantee included with all packages. No questions asked! Note that refunds will only be granted *before* any Private Skype Sessions with the Superstar and Elite Packages. For this reason, it's best to schedule your first Skype call for after the first month of the course.

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