Discover New York: Prayer And History At Ideal Hosiery

ideal hoisery

Walking around the Lower East Side of New York City’s Manhattan, there’s a good chance you won’t even pay a second glance to the decrepit sign (which is actually pretty awesome looking) that reads “Ideal Hosiery.” In fact, if you don’t look closely you’ll probably assume it’s a vacant building, a venture that went out of business long ago. And that’s where you’d be wrong. Ideal Hosiery, a family-owned business since 1950, is a musty, packing box-filled shop and great place to shop for socks, and, on a Sunday afternoon, attend an Orthodox Jewish prayer session. While the block the business sits on was once called Hosiery Row, many of the businesses have now gone out of business. Ideal Hosiery is what remains of this piece of Manhattan heritage.


Ideal Hosiery is located at 339 Grand Street in Manhattan.

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