Container Hotel Rooms: Quirky Lodging, Exquisite Experience


image via Deule Insolite

This September be prepared for an “offbeat” lodging experience with shipping container rooms. Strange as it may sound, French hotel company Deule Insolite has launched this exciting venture. Located near the French-Belgian border, these container houses provide a balcony view of the Deule River.

Deule Insolite is an expert in adventurous hotels, also owning Airstream trailers, caravans and a Mongolian style yurt accommodation. Although you’ll be away from the world, these cozy yet trendy rooms feature internet, Wi-Fi and basic amenities. The series of these already existing special houses comprise of la Hollandaise, Danube, Place Rouge, and Ma vallee’.

This new concept of Deule Insolite is in collaboration with the French housing company HouseUP. The newest rooms accommodate two people with the second floor having a kitchenette and a balcony, offering an exquisite dining experience. The rate for one night in this quirky lodging is around €90 for two depending on the tourism season.

Source: Huffington Post

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