California Casino Insults Patrons With ‘Fat Girls’ Bill


Image via News 10

For those who think they’ve received poor restaurant service in the past, you’ll appreciate this story. On Thursday night, Christine Duran, Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles went to the Cameo Club Casino in California for dinner. When the check came, they noticed a hurtful message, “Fat Girls,” written at the top. While at first the women thought it was a joke, they soon realized one of the servers had written it purposely either to humiliate them or to identify them against the other patrons.

When the women called bar manager Jimmy Seimers over to the table, Ms. Huerta described him as having a smirk on his face, thinking the incident to be funny and only offering to take 50% off the bill. However, Mr. Seimers insists he was outraged.
“I just want to tell (the women) that we’re sincerely sorry for that, and that we’ll do everything in our power to make sure that this never happens to anyone ever again.”

To read more, head to the Daily Mail or check out the video below.

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