5 Travel Experiences: From The Adventure Shy To The Extreme

death road

Biking the Death Road in Bolivia. Photo courtesy of Marco Antonio via flickr

Guest Post by Dawn Koch 

From the adventure shy to the thrill seeking traveler, there’s no shortage of experiences to be had across the globe. That being said, everyone has a different threshold for adventure. Here are some top travel experiences, from moderate yet unforgettable activities to the ultimate heart stoppers.

1. For The Adventure Shy: A Road Trip From Seminyak To Ubud, Bali

With cheap flights and great deals at Seminyak hotels, the trip out to Ubud in Central Bali is an amazing visual journey that won’t have your heart pumping too hard. A landscape awash with a thousand shades of green and layered rice fields is the gentle travel adventure to be savored. Ending up at Ubud’s famous Monkey forest provides a cheeky end to this incredible road trip experience.

2. For A Zap Of Adrenaline: Zorbing

Jumping inside an 11-foot high inflatable ball and rolling down a hill. It’s as simple as that, and the next big thing to come out of New Zealand. Not as extreme as other Kiwi attractions like bungee jumping or paragliding, Zorbing allows you to enjoy the thrills of speed with the all the safety you need to feel secure. You can choose to run the gauntlet strapped in and enjoying the view, or with water in your ‘Zorb’ for an added thrill. Either way this is a true “been there, done that” experience for an adventurer looking for a little hit of adrenaline. This extreme zorbing video will show you what it’s all about.

3. To Get The Heart Pumping: Swimming With Whale Sharks

The Filipino town of Donsol offers a unique undersea experience as you literally swim with the sharks. No cages and no scuba diving equipment (the sharks are spooked by the noise of the bubbles). It is simply you, your snorkeling mask and these giants of the sea. The adrenaline will kick in as your primal core sees the gaping mouth, rippling tail and unmistakable form, but with these gentle giants unfocused and undisturbed by your presence it will be a truly immersive experience. What’s even better is that the sharks are not drawn in by human feeding, lessening potential negative impact on their ecosystem.

4. For A White Knuckle Ride: Hang Gliding Over Rio De Janeiro

When the words of advice from your instructor consist of “seriously, do not stop running” you know you’re in for a thrill. That running refers to the running off a ledge situated high above the beaches of Rio. With towering mountains, perfect wind and amazing views you’ll be supported by some canvas and not much else, and that’s exactly the point. Stomach dropping and forever memorable.

5. For The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush: Biking The Death Road In Bolivia

To the Bolivians it is known as ‘El Camino de la Muerte.’ The translation – The Death Road. This is no single travel activity, rather it is a heart stopping travel experience like no other. This road links La Paz with Coroico over a 69-kilometer (43-mile) stretch. With no guardrail protecting you from the 600 metre drop to the valley below it is not for the faint of heart. Adding to the terrifying mystique is the poor visibility, caused by the dust of constant trucks and buses as well as year round fog. In short it is simply the route from A to B, but in reality it is a truly white knuckle experience only for the adventurous and the brave.

What’s your favorite adventure travel experience? Please share in the comments below.

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