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Magnificent Frigatebird

How To Visit The Galapagos Islands On A Budget

While the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are known for being extremely expensive, once you pay for the flight and $100 entrance fee, it is possible to explore this beautiful area on a budget. After going there myself, I discovered these tips for saving money in this ecologically unique destination. Here is your guide to Galapagos…Read more...

Exumas Cays: The Galapagos Islands’ Quirky Sister?

I can feel freckles forming on my nose as the sun paints my face with its rays. Translucent blue waters showcase vibrant tropical fish and colorful corals, while white sand beaches provide the perfect place for an afternoon picnic. All around me it’s a Caribbean paradise of palms, shells, sailboats, and … swimming pigs? David…Read more...

10 Alternatives To The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are well known for their endemic wildlife, unique flora and strong ecological philosophy. However, the destination isn’t the only place in the world to experience an unparalleled natural setting. In fact, islands in Asia, South America, Europe and even the continent of Antarctica all feature one-of-a-kind encounters for those interested in seeing something new in the outdoors. Scuba dive one…Read more...

11 Weird & Wonderful Things I Learned In The Galapagos Islands

While most people are aware the Galapagos Islands feature pristine beaches and unique flora and fauna, there are many pieces of information one would have to visit the islands to discover. Here are some interesting facts I learned when visiting the Galapagos Islands on a solo trip. 1. Soft Sand Is Made Of Fish Feces…Read more...


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