Visiting The Devil’s Tooth In La Paz, Bolivia

When loud, traffic-heavy, protest-passionate La Paz in Bolivia gets to be too much, one way to escape while not even leaving the city is to visit the Devil’s Tooth, orMuela del Diablo. While this may sound scarier than ingesting smog and crazy drivers, seeing the site on horseback is actually quite serene.

Devil’s Tooth is an inactive volcano that is approximately 492 feet high. According to our guide, it got its name because indigenous people believed it looked like the tooth of Satan. The journey also allowed us to take in sweeping city views and Moon Valley, or Valle de la Luna. The valley gets its name from its unusual rock formations…

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  1. . A stunning tower of volcanic rock, it is a unique natural feature that attracts climbers and sightseers in the hundreds of thousands every year. Although the area has been thoroughly studied, the geology behind how Devils Tower came into being remains something of a mystery..

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