The Slow Food Movement and How to Experience it For Yourself

slow food movement

The Slow Food Movement is an alternative to fast food. It focuses on preservation of “traditional and regional cuisine” and promotes farming of plants, seeds and livestock that are indigenous to the local ecosystem. The movement itself helps small businesses to thrive as well as encourages a sustainable food system. Not only does the movement help the environment and the world as a whole, it is a healthier alternative that allows people to enjoy their food more.

One great resource for people looking to learn more about the Slow Food Movement as well as get information on how to volunteer or attend events is the Slow Food International website. Here you can donate money, adopt a project of your own, such as creating gardens in Africa or training local leaders in Cuba, or attend a fun or information event, such as a slow food market, a meeting of slow food activists, or a slow food film festival.

Another great way to experience the Slow Food Movement for yourself is to get on board with a tour that incorporates slow food with travel. Here are some great slow food tours that could be worth your while to check out:

Runner Tourism and Travel (Turkey, Europe)

Amalfi Coast Tours (Amalfi Coast, Italy) *note: really great feature in this tour is getting to cook in local peoples’ homes. 

Tour de Forks (Various locations, including Italy, France, Spain, South Africa, Australia, North America, and Turkey)

Gunyah (Various locations, including Greece, Ecuador, and Armenia)

Row Adventures (Croatia) *note: this culinary adventure is yacht cruise

Frontiers (Various locations, including Spain, New Zealand, South India, France, South Africa, and more)

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