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10 Of My Most Epic Adventures To Date

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These epic adventures have fueled and satisfied my need for adrenaline on the road. Which have you tried, and which are still on your bucket list?

6 Unique Bucket List Adventures For 2015


Looking to do something radical and unforgettable in 2015? Here are some ideas for bucket list-worthy experiences to make your best trip yet. 1. Rafting The Futaleufú River In Chile Offering challenging Class 5 rapids while also immersing you in […]

A Unique Adventure Destination: Siberia’s Altai Mountains

If you’re looking for a colorful and unique adventure vacation, look no further than Siberia’s Altai region. In the Turkic and Mongolic languages, the word Altai means the “Golden Mountain.” Once you see the area up close, you’ll understand why […]

Cairns, Australia: A City of Extreme Adventure

When I was studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, my friends and I decided to take a spring break trip that included a lot of partying and a lot of extreme sports. We booked a tour with Colourful Trips called One […]