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That Time I Was Diagnosed With Potentially Fatal African Sleeping Disease


“Sorry to call so late. We’ve looked at some of your blood work from the lab and need you to come down right away.” After spending 12 hours in the emergency room, this is a call you never want to […]

The Reality Of Solo Female Travel


My parents are responsible for my love of traveling, but the idea to backpack Europe did not come from my parents. In fact, I think my mom and dad would have been fine if the thought had never even entered […]

Discovering The Secret Destination In Your Journey

“All Journeys Have Secret Destinations Which The Traveler Is Unaware” – Martin Buber For many, travel planning is a lot of fun. Choosing the destination, what accommodation you’ll stay in, how you’ll spend your time and which restaurants you’ll eat […]

10 Must-Have Travel Apps

© Flickr / -Bengerman Much as we love it, traveling isn’t always easy. Missed connections, sleepless nights, miscommunications can make life more than a little daunting. Luckily, there are smartphone apps for all of this and more. And the best part? […]

Check Out Ajungo, the New Social Media Platform Just for Travelers

Sick of searching through advice sites and hearing reviews from who only knows? Wish you could connect with other travelers about past or upcoming trips and events? Love social networking but wish you could interact with others in your travel niche? Then […]