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12 Ways To Ruin Your Vacation (And How To Avoid Them)

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When traveling, things won’t always go according to plan. However, sometimes you are actually the reason your trip goes south. To ensure you’re not the cause of your own travel demise, here are some vacation tips, including 12 ways to […]

Photo Essay: Sunsets, Sustainability And Adventure On Hawaii’s Big Island


During a recent trip to Hawaii, I had the pleasure of road tripping around the Big Island, beginning in Hilo and ending in Kona. I spent a week exploring, touring organic farms, having exciting adventures, indulging in local foods and, […]

Colorful Travel: My 12 Favorite Instagram Shots From 2013

The other day I was feeling nostalgic and decided to browse through my Instagram photos from 2013. Wow! What a year it’s been. Road tripping through Jordan, backpacking French Polynesia solo, eating my way through New Mexico, moving from Long […]

How To Be An Annoying Airline Passenger

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As someone who flies about four to six times per month, I regular encounter frustrating airline passengers. Some of the habits of other travelers leave me stunned at how oblivious they are to the fact they’re in a public space. […]

Budget Guide: Essential Tips For Saving Money On Food While Traveling


When traveling, one of the biggest strains on your wallet is the cost of food. The problem isn’t that there aren’t affordable food options, but more that many people are unsure of how to navigate the dining scene in foreign […]

17 Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

I’ve written a lot about the joys of solo travel. Articles like “Mastering The Art Of Traveling Solo” and “How To Make Friends When Traveling Solo” reflect my passion for traveling without a companion, and aim to show others how […]

Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before Choosing A Travel Partner

One of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning a trip is who you will travel with. While choosing a travel partner from hell will leave you miserable and wanting to go home, picking the right companion can enhance […]