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Solo Traveler’s Guide To Australia

great barrier reef

Australia is known for many things – laid-back beach bums, Vegemite, baby wombats, Russell Crowe and so much more. Mostly people come to see the stunning natural beauty of Uluru, the outback, pristine white sand beaches and of course, the […]

10 Apps To Help You Pass The Time On Long Journeys

Backpacking my way through South America, I spent many hours – sometimes entire days – making my way from city to city via bus. Whether you’re taking a bus, plane or train, here are 10 great apps that work offline to […]

10 Travel Apps for Frequent Fliers

While flying is essential in helping travelers get where they need to go, it can also, at times, be a hassle. Organizing your documents, flight delays, missed connections, expensive parking garages, and keeping up with TSA requirements can really give […]

10 Best Photography Apps for Travelers

Sometimes, your basic camera just doesn’t cut it. With all of the advancing technology we now have, the possibilities for travel photography are endless. Before your next trip, make sure to download these ten photography apps that will help you […]

10 Must-Have Travel Apps

© Flickr / -Bengerman Much as we love it, traveling isn’t always easy. Missed connections, sleepless nights, miscommunications can make life more than a little daunting. Luckily, there are smartphone apps for all of this and more. And the best part? […]