Adventure Travel Gift Guide: 20 Must-Have Items For Thrill Seeking Nomads

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Get ready for another year of exploration with Jessie On A Journey’s ultimate holiday gift guide for adventure travelers. Here, you’ll find must-have gadgets, wardrobe accessories and safety devices to improve your experience abroad. Whether racing to the airport, trekking […]

Notes On Transformative Travel And The Importance Of Being Present

While to some travel is simply a chance to get away and take a vacation, others look at it as an opportunity to have a life-changing experiences. Travel is a powerful thing. When we put ourselves in new situations, take […]

What Does Smarter Commerce Mean To You?

For the next month, I will be partnering with IBM to start a discussion about Smarter Commerce. Along with talking about what it means to me, I will be asking my followers what it means to them. I invite you […]