10 Ways Argentina Surprised Me


Argentina has been one of my favorite countries to date that I’ve visited for many reasons: The juicy meats, the sultry tango, the passionate street art, the challenging hiking opportunities. Probably the main reason I loved the destination so much […]

10 Cultural Experiences To Have In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Traveling to Buenos Aires in Argentina? Add these experiences to your itinerary for a better view of local culture. Graffiti Walks Walking around Buenos Aires, it will immediately become clear the city has close ties with the arts, specifically graffiti. […]

Budget-Friendly Tango In Salta, Argentina

During my trip through Argentina, I knew I wanted to take a tango class. Tango originated in Argentina, so what better way to have an authentic cultural experience? However, I didn’t want to spend a fortune to do it. Thankfully, […]

12 Free Things to Do in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a beautiful country with 200 years of history, graceful tango and a vibrant art culture that can be seen on every street corner. The city is completely flat, making it the perfect place to explore by foot. […]

10 Free Things to Do in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain, is full of fun things to do and interesting sites to explore. Luckily, the city features many experiences for the budget traveler with free museums, walking tours, beaches, parks, museums, dance shows, and more. Use this list to […]