A Destination Mindset: Bringing My Love Of Backpacking Home

inca trail

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller Every year, I spend months saving money for backpacking trips abroad and learning about the foreign cultures I’ll be visiting. The farther away from […]

10 Tips for Planning Your Next Trip On a Budget

As someone who is constantly traveling, my friends are always asking me how I can afford to go on trips so often. Traveling doesn’t have to mean spending a fortune, and if you’re willing to forgo the 5-star hotels and […]

Traveling the world for Free at Rizzoli Bookshop (Including a List of Unique Travel Reads)

Not everyone can afford to hop on a plane and travel around the world. Sometimes, however, you just need to get creative. The other day while I was strolling down Fifth Avenue in New York, it began to rain. Of […]

How to Explore Your Own City as a Tourist

People, even travelers, often take for granted the city that they live in. When studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, I went sightseeing and made sure to have unique experiences everyday. My roommates and I even decided not to get a […]

Volunteer Abroad…From Home!

Orphaned children in Africa, equality for women in India, sex-trafficking in Thailand; these are just some of the issues people wish they could get involved in helping to address. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to take off of work […]

The Ever-Evolving Language of Travel

While it is clear that travel itself has evolved in many ways in the past decade or so, it appears that travel language has, too. It is something that seems to happen overnight, without anyone really noticing that new vocabulary […]