Offbeat Adventures: Explore The World Through Orienteering


If the thought of racing through unfamiliar swamps, woods and rocky peaks in a foreign country gets you fired up, then you’ll love orienteering. Using a map and compass, you navigate to a series of checkpoints (called controls) while racing […]

Interview with Aruba’s #1 Professional Bodyboarder, Jonathan Boekhoudt

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Boekhoudt AS WITH MOST surfers, bodyboarding for Jonathan Boekhoudt, Aruba’s top-ranked drop knee competitor, is a way of life. Now that he’s going for the Open Division title, Boekhoudt talked to me about the sport, what […]

25 Fun Things to Do in Sweden, Europe

With so many things to do in Sweden, it was hard to choose just 25. Here are our tips for fun things to do in Sweden. We’ve excluded Stockholm, the Swedish capital city, as we already have lots of tips for things […]