Get Inspired: My Best Travel Instagrams Of 2015

best travel instagrams

Instead of telling you about my year, I’ll show you — through my best travel Instagrams of 2015, from climbing in Croatia to downhill cycling in Colorado.

My Favorite DIY Culinary Experiences From Around The World

food travel

Food is powerful. It has the ability to bring people together, to nourish, to immerse you in other cultures, to teach you about foreign lands. It also has the power to seriously enhance your travel experience, such as with the […]

Slovenia Travel: Must-Have Ljubljana Experiences Beyond The Typical Tourist Attractions


Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is full of guidebook recommended attractions: the Ljubljana Castle, the Triple and Dragon Bridges, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the many art and history museums. When I travel, however, I like to wander aimlessly and […]

Fascinating Slovenia: 6 Lessons Learned On A Ljubljana Bike Tour


One of my favorite ways to experience a city is by bike, especially when being guided by a local, seeing the destination through their eyes. While on a bus you view the outside world as if it were a caged […]

Ljubljana Day Trip: Hiking My Way Through Slovenia


One thing I loved about home-basing in Ljubljana is the accessibility to countryside and nature. As the purpose of my Croatia-Slovenia journey was to be outside clearing my head in a beautiful place as much as possible — especially with my […]