10 Of My Most Epic Adventures To Date

epic adventures

These epic adventures have fueled and satisfied my need for adrenaline on the road. Which have you tried, and which are still on your bucket list?

Wildlife Adventures: Swimming With Sharks And Sea Lions In The Galapagos Islands

hammerhead shark

“Don’t freak out, but there are two huge hammerhead sharks right below us.” My guide Jens’ attempt at having me “not freak out” over the two carnivorous beasts that are 10 feet away from my juicy calves only leads me […]

Happy Hallowmarine: Scuba Diver Carves Pumpkins Underwater Among Sharks

A school of 20 sleek, fast-moving blacktip reef sharks may elicit a few frights all year-round, but even the marine life of Baltimore’s National Aquarium’s new Blacktip Reef Exhibit deserve a special treat this Halloween. An under-water pumpkin carving for […]

How To Visit The Galapagos Islands On A Budget

Magnificent Frigatebird

While the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador are known for being extremely expensive, once you pay for the flight and $100 entrance fee, it is possible to explore this beautiful area on a budget. After going there myself, I discovered these […]