Smarter Travel: How To Plan And Save For An Epic Adventure


As someone who has taken many long-term trips, I’m often asked how I go about planning and saving for such an adventure. While I’m the type of traveler who typically enjoys planning a trip without planning, there are some facets […]

17 Safety Tips For Solo Travelers

I’ve written a lot about the joys of solo travel. Articles like “Mastering The Art Of Traveling Solo” and “How To Make Friends When Traveling Solo” reflect my passion for traveling without a companion, and aim to show others how […]

11 Things Learned About Brazilian Culture From Visiting

rio de janeiro

After spending a few weeks traveling through Brazil, visiting various cities, interacting with locals, sampling the local foods, and doing some forro dancing, I’ve made a few observations about this wonderful culture and country along the way like: They Like […]

A Rough Journey in Naples, Italy

Getting off the train in Napoli Central in Naples, Italy, I feel a surge of excitement. Naples, Italy, is the place where my grandparents are from. Hell, half the population shares my last name of Festa. I already feel at […]

A Picnic Turned Hostile in Rome, Italy

Picnicking. Is there any better way to meet people when backpacking through Europe? My friend Lindsay and I loved buying random items at the market; cheeses, meats, crackers, fruits, wine, and then heading over to one of the piazzas or parks […]