Solo Travel, Local Culture And Going Beyond The Guidebook In St. Petersburg, Russia

st. petersburg

Looking to travel to St. Petersburg? Russia expert and editor of Life in Russia, Lindsay Comer, shares her knowledge of the country with advice and recommendations on how to travel on a budget, immerse yourself in local culture and go […]

Revealed: The World’s Rudest And Dirtiest Cities

We all have our own opinions about what cities in the world we’d rather not visit; however, a recent TripAdvisor Cities Survey has revealed the rudest and dirtiest cities. While many may have believed Paris would top the list for […]

A Unique Adventure Destination: Siberia’s Altai Mountains

If you’re looking for a colorful and unique adventure vacation, look no further than Siberia’s Altai region. In the Turkic and Mongolic languages, the word Altai means the “Golden Mountain.” Once you see the area up close, you’ll understand why […]

20 International Destinations Reflected On Water

When visiting a new destination, it’s always worthwhile to get an iconic view of the skyline. One unique way to take in a city’s outline is to view it from its reflection on the water. In this gallery, you’ll see water […]