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Azores Exploration: An Epic São Miguel Road Trip

sao miguel

The first thing you’ll notice is the bright emerald green, lush flora coating mountains and plains, flowers adding a colorful contrast. What makes the scene extra striking is the steam that rises seemingly without reason from the ground, as if […]

A Destination Mindset: Bringing My Love Of Backpacking Home

inca trail

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” – Henry Miller Every year, I spend months saving money for backpacking trips abroad and learning about the foreign cultures I’ll be visiting. The farther away from […]

Exploring Palm Springs [Beyond Big Brand Resorts, Golf Courses And Casinos]

palm springs

I’d always pictured Palm Springs in California to be a place for luxury travelers looking to lounge around the Marriott pool, spend their days on the golf course and place bets at the casino. I’d heard so much about the […]

Island Adventures: An Epic Road Trip Across Hawaii’s Big Island

hawaii road trip

Before visiting Big Island, I had never thought of it as a quintessential road trip destination. For some reason, tropical islands always seem so small and compact in my head. You mean I can’t just ride a bike or jog […]

Photo Essay: Road Trip Through Southwest Colorado

While people often talk about the natural beauty of exploring destinations abroad, many overlook the worthwhile hikes and parks right in their home country. After a string of international backpacking trips, I decided to spend a month touring some domestic […]

Ouray: Colorado’s Quirkiest Town

While Colorado has many unique and worthwhile cities, the one of the quirkiest is Ouray. If traveling through the state, a stop here is highly recommended. For those who make the journey, here are some interesting activities to enjoy during […]

Historic Hikes, Maplewood-Smoked Cheddar And 10,000 Teddy Bears: 3 Perfect Days In Southern Vermont

While most people head straight to the city of Burlington when visiting Vermont, a lesser-known but worthwhile area to stay is West Townshend. This charming town is full of bed and breakfasts, outdoor recreation, farm stands, antique shops and a […]

A Summer Road Trip Through Southwest Colorado

While usually thought of as a winter destination, Colorado has a lot to offer the summer traveler. For the itinerary below, I’d suggest touring the U.S. state via car, allotting at least two weeks, although three or four would be better. Denver […]