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Travel Safety: Scary Encounters Abroad And What I’ve Learned From Them

Traveling isn’t always a picnic. Sometimes, we encounter situations that threaten our safety and make us second guess our security. The important thing when something like this happens to you is not let it scare you into not traveling, but […]

5 Travel Experiences: From The Adventure Shy To The Extreme

death road

Guest Post by Dawn Koch  From the adventure shy to the thrill seeking traveler, there’s no shortage of experiences to be had across the globe. That being said, everyone has a different threshold for adventure. Here are some top travel […]

What It’s Like To Be Threatened In Rio (And What I Learned From The Experience)

Two Reais and seventy-five cents. That should cover the bus ride back to my hostel in Gloria. It wasn’t a lot of money — about $1.25 USD; however, it was enough for one man in particular to notice me and […]

Top Outdoor Experiences In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Tijuca Forest Jeep Tour

Rio de Janeiro is unique in that it is a large city of over 6 million, but is not a concrete jungle. On the contrary, what visitors remember about the city are the breathtaking mountain views, natural scenery and spectacular […]

The Downside Of Travel: Family And Friends Who Don’t “Get It”

While I could go on forever about the benefits of travel and how it is a life-enriching experience, I’ve found one major downside to immersing yourself in this world: Dealing with friends and family who don’t understand. Personally, this is […]

11 Things Learned About Brazilian Culture From Visiting

rio de janeiro

After spending a few weeks traveling through Brazil, visiting various cities, interacting with locals, sampling the local foods, and doing some forro dancing, I’ve made a few observations about this wonderful culture and country along the way like: They Like […]

24 Hours in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a big city in Brazil with much to do. From hiking unique mountains, para gliding and hang gliding, touring favelas, and enjoying tanning and water sports at the beautiful beaches, you should definitely spend more than […]

Hostel Review: Hostelling International Cidade Maravilhosa in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hostelling International is a very reputable name in the world of hostels, so when I found out that Hostelling International Cidade Maravilhosa was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I knew I had to try it out. The hostel is located in the Gloria […]