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Exploring The Dark Side Of Banos, Ecuador, Through Graffiti


Not only is Banos, Ecuador, home to pristine waterfalls, active volcanoes, adventure sports and delicious candy, it also has some impressive graffiti art. What’s interesting is that while the city itself gives off an optimistic and happy vibe through its […]

Mount Washington, The Highest Peak In The Northeastern United States

As the wind whipped my hair in my face and the bitter chill nipped my skin, I pulled my leather jacket in tighter. Clouds enveloped me, making my line of sight difficult. It was hard to believe that just this […]

An Instagram Photo Essay: Hiking Deer Mountain In The Rocky Mountains, Colorado

If you’ve only got a few hours in Rocky Mountain National Park, one beautiful and slightly challenging hike to embark on is Deer Mountain. While technically a summit hike, it’s an easy to moderate trail with an elevation of 10,013 […]

12 Of The World’s Most Beautiful Caves

For adventure-travel enthusiasts, visiting caves is a great way to satiate one’s appetite for exploring the lesser-traversed world out of the sun’s light. Immersed in bizarre natural formations, you’ll see rainbow colored rock compositions, jagged stalagmites, rugged stalactite, azure waters […]

Photo Essay And Guide: How To Hike Sugarloaf Mountain In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Hiking Sugarloaf Mountain was one of my favorite experiences in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, figuring out how to do it can be confusing. After asking numerous locals and making many mistakes, I was finally able to figure it out. […]

Exploring The Culture Of Northern India Through Food

India. The first thing that comes to mind is culture and diversity. Not surprisingly, Indian food has both these ingredients. Famous for its warm spirit both in food and hospitality, the country features an array exquisite dishes, especially in the […]

10 Must-Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites In Australia

While Australia is culturally rich and history significant in general, one worthwhile way to explore the best the country has to offer is through its UNESCO World Heritage Sites. These sites are particularly noteworthy in terms of culture and physical […]

Macau: China’s First And Last European Colony

Macau, one of only two special administrative regions of the People’s Republic of China, features a unique blend of architecture, culture and heritage. Walking the streets, it will become immediately clear the region makes a lot of money off gambling; […]

A Unique Adventure Destination: Siberia’s Altai Mountains

If you’re looking for a colorful and unique adventure vacation, look no further than Siberia’s Altai region. In the Turkic and Mongolic languages, the word Altai means the “Golden Mountain.” Once you see the area up close, you’ll understand why […]