10 Essential Tips For Staying Sane While Backpacking


For those who travel two weeks of the year, travel is often planned in the context of a “vacation”; however, for those of us who have backpacked we know it can be anything but. Backpacking is tough. While extremely rewarding, […]

12 Ways To Ruin Your Vacation (And How To Avoid Them)

sad traveler

When traveling, things won’t always go according to plan. However, sometimes you are actually the reason your trip goes south. To ensure you’re not the cause of your own travel demise, here are some vacation tips, including 12 ways to […]

12 Things You Didn’t Know About Puebla, Mexico


Puebla is a unique city and state in Latin America with a rich cultural heritage and interesting history. Although it was often an under the radar destination, this up and coming city is now the fourth largest in Mexico, and […]

Travel Trend We Don’t Like: U.S. Travelers Bad-Mouthing Their Own Country

We’ve all heard the stereotypes. Americans are fat, lazy, ignorant, materialistic, money hungry – pretty much any negative adjective you can conjure up. It’s gotten to the point where people who dislike Americans don’t even try to hide their disgust. […]

Eating My First Pet In Ecuador

The body is sliced down the middle, opened like a thick book, on top of sizzling coals. Tiny hands, still with finger nails, reach into the air as if their last plea for help had gone completely unnoticed. Bright white […]