10 Of My Most Epic Adventures To Date

epic adventures

These epic adventures have fueled and satisfied my need for adrenaline on the road. Which have you tried, and which are still on your bucket list?

Photo Essay: Road Trip Through Southwest Colorado

While people often talk about the natural beauty of exploring destinations abroad, many overlook the worthwhile hikes and parks right in their home country. After a string of international backpacking trips, I decided to spend a month touring some domestic […]

Ouray: Colorado’s Quirkiest Town

While Colorado has many unique and worthwhile cities, the one of the quirkiest is Ouray. If traveling through the state, a stop here is highly recommended. For those who make the journey, here are some interesting activities to enjoy during […]

Conquering My Fear Of Heights At Portland Creek Canyon, Colorado

“Nine out of 10 of the people who canyon here make it safely to the bottom,” assures Bill, our guide from San Juan Mountain Guides. I gulp, peeking over the 50-foot, precarious ledge. My foot accidentally kicks a small rock, […]

A Summer Road Trip Through Southwest Colorado

While usually thought of as a winter destination, Colorado has a lot to offer the summer traveler. For the itinerary below, I’d suggest touring the U.S. state via car, allotting at least two weeks, although three or four would be better. Denver […]

A Jeep Tour Through Colorado’s Million Dollar Highway And Highway To Heaven

When traveling through Colorado, one city I highly recommend visiting is the little known Ouray. Here, you’ll not only get to take part in various adventure sports, sip beer at quirky breweries and eat scrap cookies at Mouse’s, you’ll also be able […]

Colorado’s Most Surprising Dessert: The Scrap Cookie

While Colorado is home to many unique chocolate shops and bakeries, you usually know what you’re ordering. Even if you purchase something unusual, like wasabi ginger dark chocolate or goat cheese and crushed black pepper buttercream, the name will give you a […]