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The Truth About Becoming A New York City Tour Guide

nyc tour guide

“I can’t wait to get back to New York City where at least when I walk down the street nobody ever hesitates to tell me exactly what they think of me.” – Ani DiFranco I just want to start off […]

6 Essential NYC Travel Tips

nyc travel tips

Traveling to the Big Apple? Here are six essential tips for visiting New York City to help ensure a smooth trip. Note: Don’t forget to book your local NYC custom tour or photo safari with me, Jessie on a Journey. […]

Discover New York: Cocoa & Caffeine At The Chocolate Room

the chocolate room

I’ve decided that I spend too much time in the same New York City neighborhoods — Bushwick, Williamsburg and the Lower East Side — and that 2-3 times per month I am going to venture to uncharted territories (aka neighborhoods […]

Sweet In The City: The Best NYC Chocolate Shops [Video]

nyc chocolate

As my regular readers know, I’m OBSESSED with chocolate (no joke, I’m eating it as I write this post). I also got a green screen for Christmas. So, for my first green screen-enabled video I’m choosing to tell you about […]

Discover New York: Indian Food Goes Elegant In The Upper West Side

savoury nyc

For those who think of Indian food as being very greasy and heavy, think again. Chef Lala Sharma’s Savoury NYC, which he opened in April 2014 on NYC’s Upper West Side with his son, Abishek Sharma, takes classic Indian dishes […]

Making A Home In Brooklyn: Notes On Living In Bushwick After One Year


Light streams through my curtain-less windows, gowning my IKEA bed in a natural glow. While this morning it’s the sun that wakes me, others it’s a blaring car horn, an angry construction worker or maybe an early game of dominoes […]

Discover New York: Simit + Smith Delivers A Healthy Dose Of Turkish Culture

      Bagels. Pizza. Sandwiches. There’s no denying New Yorkers love their bread; however, it can be difficult to find a satisfying food for those craving carbs who want something different (and to watch their waistline). That’s where Simit […]